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Do you worry about what sort of world your children will have to survive in?
What sort of future will your child have? Aggressive behaviour is escalating worldwide. War is not an option. A call to action for parents. Let’s BE the difference that makes the difference.

Today is World Mental Health Day. On this day last year I was going to work to see people who were struggling with mental illness. I had little personal insight into what it was actually like. Fast forward one year on. I have seen it from the other side. And it is harder and darker and more terrifying than I could ever have imagined.

“As children, my sister and I were so jealous of each other,” said Claire, as we sipped our lattes. “I thought my sister was so much more beautiful than me.” I raised my eyebrow. In my mind how could my friend not have seen her beauty. Claire has a fair complexion, smooth blond hair and […]

Season’s Greetings

Whoever you are – where you are – wishing you a wonder-full 2017. Thank you for your support during the year past.
Watch out for Val Mullally’s new Parenting book due for release Spring 2017!

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