Koemba Parenting

Supporting parents and professionals to create psychologically safe spaces for children to thrive

As a Parent, a Parent Coach or an Educator are you sometimes concerned about children’s challenging behaviour?

Do you sometimes feel unsure of the most helpful way to handle situations with children?

Are you searching for an approach that supports children’s motivation  and encourages their healthy self-discipline and cooperation?

I support parents, parent coaches and educators to help families to:

✓ Think more clearly

✓ Connect more compassionately

✓ Act more response-ably

✓ And live more joyfully!


I’m Val Mullally  – accredited Coach and Reflective Practice Facilitator, TEDx speaker and author of

‘BEHAVE – What To Do When Your Child Won’t’, 

The 9 Steps to Stop the Yelling’

&  ‘Baby And Toddler On Board – Mindful Parenting When a New Baby Joins the Family’.

I’m currently co-authoring my new book with Tanja Jensen, releasing early 2024 :  ‘Beneath the Behaviour: understanding  and parenting your sensory sensitive child’.

Welcome to this online community that offers:

–  articles re supporting child well-being

–  online classes for parents and educators

– parenting books and audios


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