Do you worry about what sort of world your children will have to survive in?
What sort of future will your child have? Aggressive behaviour is escalating worldwide. War is not an option. A call to action for parents. Let’s BE the difference that makes the difference.

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Val Mullally’s keynote on Tuesday evening for Fermoy Friendship week focused on ‘what we can learn from spiders’ re responding to bullying situations. Read more..

Last edited March 22nd 2013

A recently formed Facebook page ‘Meath Against Bullies’ has highlighted the issue of children facing severe bullying within the school context. Parent Coach Val Mullally writes a response: ‘When Your Child’s Rejected at School’.

Last edited April 03rd 2012

‘I don’ t want to go to school’ / ‘I hate school’ or whatever version you’re hearing, can fill a parent with dread.
Val Mullally shares 6 unhelpful tactics parents use – and shares alternatives that focus on creating long-term communication and building children’s self esteem.

Last edited September 03rd 2012

We watch the news and wonder how an educated country like England can erupt into such chaos.
What’s it all about?
They might have captured images on CCTV that will lead to arrests – and then what?
It’s like a doctor who treats only the symptoms without dealing with the root cause of the dis-ease.
It’s no good treating dysentery without creating clean water supplies and proper sanitation.
So what’s needed to clean up the current conflict in Britain?

Last edited July 14th 2012

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