Brenda Lacey

Loving the “Stop Yelling” course – unlike any other parenting course I have done. Deeper – more reflective and recognises the individual difference and need for unique solutions for each. 

Last edited June 05th 2019

Emma Blake

“Stop the Yelling” is an easy to follow course, with simple tools before you head down the yelling spiral. Val also understands that kids push your buttons and gives great ways to prevent this from building up. I highly recommend this parenting course for Mums and Dads.

Last edited June 05th 2019

Michele van Zyl

I found the book really brilliant and I have implemented many of your strategies already… I can really say that your book has been life changing for our family and I am so glad to have met you that night!

Last edited June 05th 2019


Thanks Val for a powerful, inspirational and creative coaching session.

Last edited October 04th 2018

Maeve Murray

I have been reaching out to Val for Parenting advice the past 4 years now and her philosophy and her work just never fails to get me back on track again. 

Last edited June 05th 2019

John McEvoy

“… an amazingly powerful way of working with parents”

Last edited November 23rd 2010

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