“As children, my sister and I were so jealous of each other,” said Claire, as we sipped our lattes. “I thought my sister was so much more beautiful than me.” I raised my eyebrow. In my mind how could my friend not have seen her beauty. Claire has a fair complexion, smooth blond hair and […]

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12 November – Val Mullally is the keynote speaker at Douglas Community School, sharing some helpful insights and practical tools re how parents can support their teens’ emotional well-being.

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On Monday 17th 8.30 pm (Dublin time) Val Mullally MA, Parent Coach and author, will be hosting a webinar about supporting young people’s emotional wellbeing, in support of Pieta House.

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A recently formed Facebook page ‘Meath Against Bullies’ has highlighted the issue of children facing severe bullying within the school context. Parent Coach Val Mullally writes a response: ‘When Your Child’s Rejected at School’.

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Teenage Freedom?

‘How do I give my twelve year old freedom but also keep an eye on her without her thinking that I don’t trust her?’
Parent Coach Val Mullally replies:
I think if I had the conclusive answer on that one I’d have the mega-million book sales. But what I do know is that I would have done differently if I’d known when my kids were in their teens what I know now.
Here’s some key insights to meeting her needs and yours.

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‘I don’ t want to go to school’ / ‘I hate school’ or whatever version you’re hearing, can fill a parent with dread.
Val Mullally shares 6 unhelpful tactics parents use – and shares alternatives that focus on creating long-term communication and building children’s self esteem.

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It’s only a tin can

It’s a fantastic Irish summer day and everyone’s enjoying the beach. A young family is walking towards me. The child’s swings his head towards a  discarded drink can. ‘Don’t jump on it,’ says the mother. Her words transform  him into a guided missile that locks onto the drink can lying on the pavement. He’s jumps […]

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