Do you worry about what sort of world your children will have to survive in?
What sort of future will your child have? Aggressive behaviour is escalating worldwide. War is not an option. A call to action for parents. Let’s BE the difference that makes the difference.

Last edited January 10th 2020

Looking for Parenting solutions? Join Parenting Expert and author Val Mullally for an awesome 6 week course that can transform your family connection, communication and cooperation.

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We’re delighted to be returning to Kilkenny to offer the 6 week Paretning Programme facilitated by Val Mullally and based on her forthcoming book: ‘BEHAVE! – What To Do When Your Child Won’t!’

Last edited October 04th 2014

‘I hate you!’

“I can’t believe she said that to me,” exclaimed Jane. “Her little face was bright red. And she was screaming ‘I hate you!’ ‘I hate you!’”

Mary smiled wryly. “I’ve had those outbursts too. .. ‘

Last edited September 17th 2013

Are you anxious about your child as they begin preschool or school? Is your child anxious about school?

Free Parenting workshop at Ardfallen Centre, Douglas, Cork on Thursday 12 September at 7.30 pm.

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