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Join Parenting Expert Val Mullally in Moville this weekend.

Fri 4 Nov 7:30 – 9 pm  ‘Meeting Your Child’s Deepest Emotional Needs’

Sat 5 Nov ‘Responding to Children’s Challenging Behaviour’ 

Moville Methodist Hall 

Open to all parents of children aged 3 to 12 years

(grandparents and other child-carers also welcome)





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What I wish I'd known when my kids were youngImagine – significantly lowering the stress level in your home, and racheting up the Happiness factor.
When things aren’t going smoothly that can seem like an impossible dream. Here’s my own story of how my vision of parenting fell apart and what happened next.

It took a near melt-down in my relationship with my then-teenage son for me to realize that being a ‘good parent’ wasn’t working. I was a qualified, experienced teacher. I thought I knew how to handle kids but my relationship with my then-teenage son was as scratchy as wire-wool on sunburnt skin. I kept trying to make him ‘be good’ but the more I insisted, the more he resisted.
I thought my parenting job was to change him, but he was a ‘stubborn child’.
But crisis forced me to think differently and do differently.
His challenging behaviour was clearly telling me my parenting style wasn’t working.
I began to realise – slowly! – that the only person I could change was myself!
But I felt overwhelmed.
How could I be anything other than what I was?
How could I do the work of being the parent my child needed to be (instead of the parent who tried to control)?
It seemed an impossible task.

Let me tell you my ‘AHA’ moment.
At that time (this is quite a few years ago!) they had discovered the wreck of the Titanic. I was listening to a radio interview where they said that if the Titanic had changed her course, just two or three degrees when she first hit chilly waters, she would have sailed safely into harbour.
Two or three degrees!
That would have felt like nothing on such a huge ship – but it would have made all the difference.
The lights went on for me.
I was doing a pretty good job as a parent. I just needed to make that 2 or 3 degree shift that would sail us back to warm waters.

It took me time. It took all of us patience. It wasn’t always easy. But we got there.
I didn’t know the term ‘Mindful Parent’ then, but I was taking the first steps on that journey.

The good news is that, to be the parent you’d love to be, it doesn’t take a 180 degree turn-around.
It’s the small shifts in the everyday interactions that are key.
And I’d love to share with you the key insights and practical tools I’ve discovered. The 2 or 3 degrees that can make all the difference in your relationships.

Why not grab a mug of coffee and take twelve minutes to watch this little video.

It’s a section from my ‘BEHAVE’  Online Parenting Course. I wish I’d known this when my kids were young.

My family experienced a lot of frustration and heartache while I slowly realised that trying to get my kid to behave wasn’t working. I’d love to save you the tears and the frustration that it cost me – not to mention any yelling, grumbling or nagging!

What I wish I'd known when my kids were young My AHA moment was many years ago. I’ve got a great relationship with my son, who now has children of his own – and I’ve made it my life’s work to discover what’s needed to create happier homes.  My crisis became my opportunity.

It took me years to figure out what it TAKES to create a happy family.

That’s why I developed the ‘BEHAVE’ Online Parenting Course to give you the key insights and the practical tools I’ve discovered to create a more enjoyable and fulfilling family life, without having to endure the long and often painful journey I experienced. If I’d learnt these core principles when my kids were young, family life would have been so much easier, and happier, for us all.

I’m not saying you’ll have a ‘perfect’ family – life isn’t perfect, but it’s meant to be fun.

I’d love to hear YOUR questions and comments: what’s the parenting challenge you’re facing?


How to Create Fabulous Fun in the Garden

Is your child happy playing? I mean really happy? When you watch your child’s playing  do you sense an inner contentment?

Do you remember that fabulous fun in the garden – to stand on a log, arms outstretched, with the breeze tugging your clothes and ruffling your hair?

It’s crazy – it’s the simplest thing to re-experience that exhilarating childhood joy – and yet, as adults, we seldom do.

Parenting expert Val Mullally - the joy of play

It was a blustery, sunny afternoon when I visited the Garden Outdoor Pre-school in Ruthstown, Ballyfoyle near Kilkenny, owned by Bridget Dowling, whose passion for creating environments for children to thrive is evident.

I was on a mini photo-shoot for a blog about young children and play, when I realized how peaceful I was feeling. I had arrived feeling happily expectant because of the good reports I had heard about this preschool, but I was surprised to notice the sense of stillness and relaxation that had settled upon me. It was environments like this, where we loved to play when we were kids.

Mum (or Dad) said, ‘Go and play!’ and we disappeared into the backyard, finding whatever scraps and treasures we could for our adventures. We were police officers chasing rogues and robbers, princesses in palaces, pirates sailing the seven seas, or gangsters tearing through deserts.

Our imaginative play took us wherever we fancied.

We took these play opportunities for granted, but today, if we want our children to have the rich play experiences that we had, we probably need to deliberately construct gardens to ignite our children’s imaginations.

It’s time to stop thinking in terms of the neat, urban well-manicured garden. It’s time to a focus on creating ‘magical’ place for children to play.

Do you sometimes tell your children, ‘ Go and play’ but they aren’t interested, or they whine for you to come too. The good news is you can create a garden where your children will want to play, with only a little  financial input, some effort, some imaginative recycling and a rethink of what you think your garden needs to be,  (or a section of it at least!)

Read on  to discover Easy To Implement Ideas for your ‘new look’, child-friendly garden.

✓ Let an area of grass revert to meadow.(You can trim it back in Autumn, if needed).  Cut a simple path through it. Use sections of log to create stepping stones.

natural garden for child play

Plant a small copse of light shade trees, like birch  and leave the grass to grow between the trees  and shrubs.
If you have enough room, create a simple labyrinth. It’s a deeply calming experience to wander the path.  (Maybe it’s not by chance that the words ‘wander’ and ‘wonder’ sound the same!)
Plant a copse of trees. Leave the grass uncut between them.


✓  Let sound be part of your garden too.Have bird feeders and a shallow bird bath to encourage feathered friends. Hang a wind chime.Create an ‘instrument wall’ with old pots, pans and other implements or the children to create their own orchestra.

create musical instruments for garden play

✓ A tarpaulin gives shade as well as creating sounds effects as the wind whistes through it and flaps its sides, adding to the music of the outdoors.

A tarpaulin in the child-friendly garden

 ✓ Recycle! Old pots and other implements can make a fabulous outdoor ‘kitchen’.

Recycle old cooker for play activity

Recycle old kitchen equipment for play activities

✓ Watch out for all sorts of interesting junk. A ‘builder’s corner’ will give hours of play.

Plumbing fittings make for great play activities for young children

✓ Grow your own veg. Even small beds are an awesome experience for children to watch the miracle of growth. It’s amazing how children who don’t eat veg will eat what they’ve grow themselves!

encourage children to grow their own vegetable and salad crops

✓ Grow a willow tent! Make some of the simple toys we had as kids. Butterfly nets can give hours of fun.
Grow a willow tent. Butterfly nets and toy telephones are easy to make toys for outside play


✓ Make ‘Toy Telephones’ Remember using two clean, empty cans with string between them to talk and listen to each other? (You can see sets of ‘telephones’ hanging on the fence in this photo!)

How to Create Fabulous Fun in the Garden

✓ Have the sand toys ready for play by adding hooks on a nearby wall. (Important to have a sturdy cover to protect the sand from being polluted when not in use).

Hang sand toys on a nearby wall - easily on hand for garden play

✓ Create a table and stools with sections of log.

✓ A wooden coat-hanger and cup-hooks attached to a pole make a weighing scale,or a captain’s wheel, or …   !

Wooden coat hanger attached to pole, with cup hooks attached on either end to make garden weighing scale

Involve your children in creating the garden. They’ll love it even more when they have a sense of ownership.

 Water play on a warm day is great fun, but always keep a watchful eye.  Of course, you need to be watching for any health and safety hazards, but remember what they said that fairies don’t come out when grown ups are around.  For your child to enjoy the ‘magic’ of the new garden, keep low profile, unless they invite you to join the play! If you’ve enjoyed this list you’ll probably also enjoy ‘How to Create a Child Friendly Garden’. 

To discover more about the Koemba Parenting approach buy your copy of ‘Behave – What To Do When Your Child Won’t’, available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Please do upload your photos and stories here, or on the Koemba Facebook page, so we can all get excited about the garden makeovers you create.