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When we are stressed we are most likely to drop into a default mode of crowded thoughts and frantic rushing. We often let our thoughts and emotions dictate, without stopping to actually assess what’s helpful. Here’s how to clear your mental clutter and actualise your mental well-being. In the penultimate blog of this CHRISTMAS series “A” is for “Actualise”.

Last edited December 22nd 2018

Here is how to stop the mind spin, how to stress less and enjoy Christmas. How we think about the situation can add to our stress or diminish it. Blog post by Val Mullally: automatic negative thoughts and how to change them to change your feelings, which change your behaviour and can create happier outcomes at Christmas

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Five useful tips on how to support your upset child. When a child is going through a difficult time, it’s hard for a parent to know how to help. Parenting advice by author Val Mullally

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Something More

Two thousand years ago wise men from the East left the comfort of all that was comfortable and familiar; they set out into unknown terrain, to seek and find the Something More. Final blog in CHRISTMAS series by Val Mullally: finding meaning in life.

Last edited December 24th 2018

Why Mindfulness Matters

There’s a swing back to a calmer way of being. Medical Science and especially Neuroscience are recognising the power of the ancient art of why mindfulness matters to create calmer, happier lives. Little hinges swing big doors.

Last edited December 21st 2018

Escape the Christmas stress by developing the mindful habit of “wait a little”. When we take time to slow down it not only improves our well-being it can also make life more enjoyable for those who are with us. The fifth blog of this CHRISTMAS series by Val Mullally.

Last edited December 19th 2018

In this CHRISTMAS series R is for Relationship. What are the presuppositions in our society that are shaping our perception of the world? The deception that subconsciously influences our thinking, our interactions, and our way of being, individually and as society, is that independence is the goal of maturity.

Last edited December 17th 2018