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When we are stressed we are most likely to drop into a default mode of crowded thoughts and frantic rushing. We often let our thoughts and emotions dictate, without stopping to actually assess what’s helpful. Here’s how to clear your mental clutter and actualise your mental well-being. In the penultimate blog of this CHRISTMAS series “A” is for “Actualise”.

Here is how to stop the mind spin, how to stress less and enjoy Christmas. How we think about the situation can add to our stress or diminish it. Blog post by Val Mullally: automatic negative thoughts and how to change them to change your feelings, which change your behaviour and can create happier outcomes at Christmas

Hope in the Darkness

Blog by Val Mullally the “H” stands for “Hope”. 
What a strange year. Global chaos, and for some the turmoil is much closer to home. Yet there are glimmers of hope – of what is possible when people pool their resources and respond with compassion. Stories of hope and courage, like the amazing international response to rescue a huddle of Thai boys, who would have been doomed to die, if people had not been inspired by hope.

The first in our CHRISTMAS blog series by Val Mullally.
How do I offer Charity without undermining a person’s dignity?
Here are two words that can make a huge difference: Compassionate Curiosity 

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