Parent Coaching – the Path to a Happier, Healthier Society: a model of Parent Coaching – the Koemba framework. Article by Parenting Expert and accredited Coach Val Mullally, published in the Association for Coaching magazine: Coaching Perspectives.

Last edited May 11th 2020

If you are a parent and feeling concerned, upset or anxious because your child is being  harrassed or teased, here’s how to support your bullied child: “My heart is broken. My daughter is such a sweet child. But she tells me the other children are chasing her at school and calling her ‘piggy’.“ If your […]

Last edited January 28th 2019

Why Mindfulness Matters

There’s a swing back to a calmer way of being. Medical Science and especially Neuroscience are recognising the power of the ancient art of why mindfulness matters to create calmer, happier lives. Little hinges swing big doors.

Last edited December 21st 2018

“As children, my sister and I were so jealous of each other,” said Claire, as we sipped our lattes. “I thought my sister was so much more beautiful than me.” I raised my eyebrow. In my mind how could my friend not have seen her beauty. Claire has a fair complexion, smooth blond hair and […]

Last edited August 04th 2017

New Parenting Blogpost

New Parenting blog post: ‘How To Be An Awesome Parent – 1 Vital Key’ by Parenting Expert Val Mullally.

Last edited January 18th 2017

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