Parenting Expert Val Mullally gives a call to action for a happier, peace-full world.  

Do you ever worry about what sort of world your children will have to survive in?

What sort of future will your child have?

Aggressive behaviour seems to be escalating worldwide.

Every day in real life, and on the screens, we see people yelling.

Yelling their agenda. Yelling at each other.

The sound on the television can be turned down but we still know they are yelling.

We can see the yell in a single image – on a book cover or magazine.

The hard body language, the glare, the uncomfortable energy their body emits.

We live in a culture that treats yelling as normal. Many people in power, particularly politicians, seem to think it’s okay to shout down the other.

The yeller is focused entirely on their own agenda.

They are not taking the other person’s perspective into account.

It’s scary to have people in control of situations who are not in control of themselves.

It’s time for change. It’s time for us to do differently. It’s time to raise a generation of people who know that all of us need to cooperate.

It’s time to raise a generation who will lead well.

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

Such an old saying we often don’t stop to think about the power of that statement. You, mothers and fathers, parents are the ones who rock the cradle. You are the ones who rule the world because you are raising the next generation. You are raising the next generation who will either continue to repeat the same patterns of using aggression as their tool of choice to force their own way, no matter what the consequences, or you can raise a different generation who know how to calm themselves so they can stay in the clear thinking “Green Zone”, and find better, kinder solutions.

We need to model that yelling and any other form of bullying behaviour is not okay.

Will you, as a parent, choose to set the example of yell-free living in your own home?  We all hope we will be parents who act in a loving way, but, as my colleague Elizabeth Garry Brosnan says,

Always we hope for better, more, greater… but dear friend, hope is not a strategy!

Hope is not a strategy

What is your strategy for a yell-free home?

I’ve been doing a series of Facebook Lives on  Val Mullally – Koemba Parenting on how to stop the yelling. How to be a calmer, happier you, have happier kids and a calmer,

more harmonious home.

I’ve created this series of videos to give you a taster of the things we’ll be looking at in the “Stop Yelling” Bootcamp starting 13 March 2018.

Each week in the Bootcamp in a private group accessible only to students, I’ll share with you the practical “But how?!” that every parent wants to know about being a calmer, happier parent.

Watch these pre-course videos to get thinking about how important this is:

Video 1 – The Cost of Yelling

Get frustrated with your kids?

What might yelling be costing?

– lessens the love between us

– damages self-esteem (ours and theirs)

– in the long run, our children are less likely to co-operate

Video 2  Our Parenting Behaviour

re: Michael McIntyre’s “Big Show” –  a light-hearted look at our parenting behaviour

Yelling lessens the love between you and your child.

Video 3 –  Why Yelling Doesn’t Work

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get the results.” Albert Einstein

There has to be a better way!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi

Video 4  – From Yelling to Helpful Interaction  

The importance of being in the “Green Zone” to create healthy interaction.

“Children must never work for our love; they must rest in it.”  Dr Gordon Neufeld

Video 5 “Stop The Yelling” Parenting Bootcamp – Frequently Asked Questions

My Darlington “Squirrel Hill’ story.

Why the “Stop the Yelling” Bootcamp can change your life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What location is the Bootcamp in?

Who is the Bootcamp suitable for?

How long does the Bootcamp last?

What does it cover?

How do I know this course is for me?

Video 6  Parental Anxiety – Insights to create a calmer, more harmonious home. 

“The ability to stay calm lies within.”  Wayne Dyer

When we feed our anxiety we trigger the reactive part of our brain.

If you jump on any train of thought you don’t know where you’ll end up.

“Reactions become habits and it is our habits that determine our destiny.” Bob Gass

Call to Action:  Will you break free from the yelling habit?

“There is a choice in everything, but in the end the choice makes you.”

The choice is yours. The opportunity is here.

If we want to stop having bullies running the world we need to have a quiet revolution

in our homes and schools. We need to raise a generation of children who know how to navigate

relationships in a way that is mutually respectful.  Val Mullally

Click this link to discover more about the “Stop Yelling”  Online Parents’ Bootcamp.

If you sometimes yell at your child, or if you are challenged with some other unhelpful parenting habit like nagging, grumbling, or doing everything for your child that you know he needs to learn to do for themselves, you’ll want to join the Bootcamp.

Developing our Parenting skills is not an optional extra, like taking a day at the spa. This is an essential investment because it has so much to do with the future well-being of every person on our fragile planet.

I will journey with you step by step through a specific set of strategies to Stop The Yelling, and we’ll also look at research as to WHY these principles matter.

MEGABONUS When You Sign Up

This course is most helpful for parents of children aged 2 years to 12 years.

If you are a ‘first timer” this is your opportunity to gain the confidence and the parenting insights and skills to be the parent you’d love to be.  If you’ve already worked with Val, you’ll know that a regular top-up keeps you confident and clearly focused on your parenting vision.

I’m also offering the MEGABONUS of me being your Parent Coach, so you have up to an hour each week in the group, after the training, to ask the parenting questions you’d love to ask.

How does the Bootcamp work?

We’ll meet every Tuesday evening for five weeks starting Tuesday 13 March.

In a Private Online Group that is accessible only for Bootcamp participants, you join me live, where you can ask questions and make comments as we go.  You can watch the recording later at your own convenience (or both!) If you can’t make the live training you can always send me your questions that you’d like me to answer ahead of the next session.

I’m passionate that this really matters because we CAN make the difference.

Homes where there are joy and harmony start with ourselves and with our family interactions.

And we have the potential to raise happier children who will create a happier, more peaceful world.

You are the cradle-rockers!

Click the link to join me on this Bootcamp. Are you willing to make the commitment of just over €4 a day for the 5 weeks period?

That’s surely a small investment for a huge return – calmer, happier you, happier kids and a calmer, happier home.

When Do We Start? 

Starting Tuesday 13 March 9 pm GMT / 4 pm EST. So BOOK NOW!

When you sign up you will be invited to join the exclusive group which only the Bootcamp members will be able to access.

(You can watch in your own time  if you can’t be present on the live!)
Decide to be one of the growing numbers of parents who have a strategy for a happier home. Let’s rock the world!

BE the difference that makes the difference.

Only a few days until we start.  Sign up now.