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Parenting Coach and Author Val Mullally is an inspiring, international speaker who works with parents and professionals supporting children and families.

Motivational Speaker - Val Mullally parenting author and coach


Choose Your Topic:

✓ Parental Stress – how it impacts family and what we can do to create healthier, happier environments  

✓ From Survive to Thrive  how to build your child’s self-esteem

✓ Why “Good Kids” Have Meltdowns, Answer Back and Won’t Listen – how to deal with challenging behaviour to restore family equilibrium 

✓ Managing Anger in the Home – whether it’s our anger our our children’s – how to create positive outcomes

✓ Sibling Issues – how parents can respond to create long-term positive outcomes

✓ BEHAVE – What To Do When Your Child Won’t – mindful discipline to create cooperation and harmony in the home

✓ Helping Your Young Child Adjust to a Baby in the Home

✓ How to Listen So Your Child Will Talk  – creating happy and healthy family communication and connection

✓ Helping Your Child Cope with Change and Transition

✓ Nurturing Your Child’s Emotional Well-Being – the key to happy and well-adjusted living

✓ Nurturing Children’s Creativity

✓ Creating Learning Environments for 2020 Living – why we need changes in the education system and how we can support our children

Whilst Val’s talks and courses are aimed to support parents of children aged 3 to 10 years old, these parenting principles and practical tools are helpful for family relationships, no matter what age your children (or grandchildren!)

Val also offers workshops and courses to professionals working with children and families, including teachers, community nurses, midwives, early educators and childminders.

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My work focuses on nurturing children’s well-being and supports parents and professionals to help families/children to:

  • think more clearly
  • connect more compassionately
  • behave more response-ably
  • live more joyfully.

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