This Christmas let’s enjoy the fun, festivity and food – and seek Something More.

Where do we find meaning in life? Here’s an unfolding personal discovery that has rocked my world.

The final blog of this CHRISTMAS series by Val Mullally

S is for Something More

When I was a teen I remember my science teacher telling us that every cell in your body is replaced every seven years.

I am still me – even though every single cell in my body that was there seven years ago is no longer here!

This was a seed of growing awareness:

I am not my body, my emotions, my thoughts

I am not my body

I was nearly forty when I started researching Emotional Intelligence, and realised that our emotions are fickle. Add another piece of information and an emotion can morph into a different feeling within seconds. Tiredness and hunger can taint our emotions.

My emotions are a compass to navigate relationships; they are a tool – but they are not who I am.

I am not my emotions

But the crunch came only a few years ago. I came to recognise that my thoughts are not always true. My thoughts are a constant river running through me, that I can alter if I choose.

I am not my thoughts

This third awareness felt like an earthquake. It felt like all solid ground, what I had held as truth, had been swallowed into the earth.

If I am not my body, if I am not my emotions, if I am not my thoughts, then who am I!

Without what I had thought was truth, I felt uncertain, helpless and vulnerable. Ego was stripped away! I was beginning the journey to Something More.

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Seeking the Something More

Seek and find the Something More

For me, the journey to Something More is embraced in what many people call spirituality – the awareness that there is something more to my being other than my body, my feelings and my thoughts. Spirituality is that interconnection between all of us, between nature, the universe and the Divine. A connectedness that is through time yet beyond time. This Something More does not depend on education and it is beyond religion. We glimpse it when we are present to the moment.

Our sense of disconnection is only an illusion. Nothing human can stop the flow of divine love. Richard Rohr

Two thousand years ago wise men from the East left the comfort of all that was comfortable and familiar; they set out into unknown terrain, to seek and find the Something More.

So it’s over to you – where are you on your quest to discover the Something More?

Love came down at Christmas.

Three camels - seek and find Something More

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