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An Option to Meltdown

Parenting expert Val Mullally shares the unique ‘Koemba – Connect’ model – how to listen so children will be able to process their emotions.

Last edited December 14th 2016

‘I don’ t want to go to school’ / ‘I hate school’ or whatever version you’re hearing, can fill a parent with dread.
Val Mullally shares 6 unhelpful tactics parents use – and shares alternatives that focus on creating long-term communication and building children’s self esteem.

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Welcome to day two of twelve days of Christmas: What to do when your child has BIG ‘wants’ on their Christmas wishlist?
Letters to Parents from Santa and his North Pole team.

Last edited December 02nd 2017

If you’re a frustrated or worried Parent, here’s your invitation to join our surprise project, commencing on the 12th of the 12th:
‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ – a letter to Santa and his reply for Parents each day for 12 days until Christmas Eve.
See you for our ‘First Day of Christmas’ – talking about when children have huge expectations – on Monday 12 December!

Last edited December 06th 2011

Worried because your child won’t talk when you’re concerned because you’re child is unhappy. Parenting tips from Parent Coach val Mullally.

Last edited October 25th 2015

We watch the news and wonder how an educated country like England can erupt into such chaos.
What’s it all about?
They might have captured images on CCTV that will lead to arrests – and then what?
It’s like a doctor who treats only the symptoms without dealing with the root cause of the dis-ease.
It’s no good treating dysentery without creating clean water supplies and proper sanitation.
So what’s needed to clean up the current conflict in Britain?

Last edited July 14th 2012

My daughter has never failed at anything. She’s extremely bright; everything seems easy to her. I worry about what will happen when she takes more challenging classes. How will she handle it if she finds something that is not so easy for her?

Last edited May 22nd 2011

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