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My son was nearly 18 before I had an ‘AHA’ moment about how I’d been missing the boat re: what made him FEEL loved. I’ve shared this concept with parents at many workshops, and they always find it hugely helpful. Heres’ DAY ONE of my Valentine’s ‘Loving Your Child’ series.

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How Failure Builds Self-esteem

Learning how to deal with mistakes and setbacks is extremely worthwhile throughout life. There has been an overemphasis on immediate achievement, to the exclusion of the value of effort and hard work. When children experience frustration over their attempts at a new skill, the aware parent can use this as an opportunity to persevere.

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When Emotions Get Heated

When Emotions Get Heated
‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ (Albert Einstein)
We may be stuck in repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour in our Parenting. Here’s how to make a significant shift when emotions get heated.

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Just a pretty bracelet?

‘Controversial Bracelets banned at Fermoy schools’ (‘The Avondhu’ Thursday Sep 23, 2010)
The photo showed cute, colourful bracelets like any little girl might be wearing. There are the playground crazes, but this is not as innocuous as marbles or card swapping. The name rings the warning bells …

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The Little Scientist

Parenting Tip: Encourage your child’s efforts rather than just the finished product. Why this matters.

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How much is too much?

At this festive time of year ‘spoiling’ is often on our minds. Parents query, ‘I always want to give my children what I never had. But how do I balance that so they don’t end up being spoiled brats?’
So what is a ‘spoilt’ child? We talk about fruit being spoilt when …

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I hate you!

“I hate you!” Spat from the mouth of the toddler or teenager, those words can erode the confidence of any parent.
It’s tempting to react. Fight back or disappear into our own shell when so blatantly under attack.

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Anita’s song captures all our mothering worries, whether we say them out loud or if they’re the thoughts chasing through our heads. Mothers seem to be programmed to be continually asking questions about the child’s welfare.
We forget these questions have a ‘sell-by’ date.

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