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Just a pretty bracelet?

‘Controversial Bracelets banned at Fermoy schools’ (‘The Avondhu’ Thursday Sep 23, 2010)
The photo showed cute, colourful bracelets like any little girl might be wearing. There are the playground crazes, but this is not as innocuous as marbles or card swapping. The name rings the warning bells …

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Get my kids to listen, How?

Anita Renfroe’s exaggeration in the ‘Mum Song’ is glorious.
If we were to record our morning serenade would we hear a similar monologue?

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Today in ‘The Guardian’ Zoe Williams’ is fed up with the clashes of parenting ‘gurus’. Parenting is tough enough without this type of “’dagger-on-a thread’ hectoring”. Here’s my different, and potentially more helpful perspective.

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Johnny’s freckled face frowns with concentration.

His wet tongue protrudes slightly in the corner of his mouth.

His fingers carefully move the little red Lego block into position.

Almost finished!

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Anita’s song captures all our mothering worries, whether we say them out loud or if they’re the thoughts chasing through our heads. Mothers seem to be programmed to be continually asking questions about the child’s welfare.
We forget these questions have a ‘sell-by’ date.

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Parent Contradicts

Parent Contradicts
What effect does it have on children when they receive conflicting messages?

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Supermum runs round doing everything for this child. Imagine this same child on her first day at school. Where’s Mummy?

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If you haven’t watched Anita Renfroe’s the ‘Mum Song’, for a day’s worth of mothering crammed into 3 amusing minutes, watch this before reading on.

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