What to Buy Kids for Christmas

Dear Santa

Mary says she’s tired of shopping. I see many grown ups who look tired of shopping.

What coud I tell them that would be helpful?



Dear PercyPostElf

Santa’s busy checking the toy production, so he asked me if I’d write back to you.

It’s so easy to spend lots of money buying things that people don’t really need at Christmas time. I worry most when I see people buying things they can’t really afford on credit cards.

I think they forget that the children won’t really have a happy Christmas if their parents are worried about the debt they’ll have to pay off afterwards.

Sometimes people spend too much at the after-Christmas sales.

Here’s my three questions before I buy anything for myself:

‘Do I love it?’

‘Do I need it?’

‘Can I afford it?’ *

They’re helpful questions to think about when you’re buying for somebody else as well.  The balance on the credit card may still be in the red six months from now if we make hasty decisions. Plan ahead what gifts you need to buy to afford impulsive purchases.

We’ll have a happier celebration if no-one’s feeling guilty about excess spending.


Mrs Claus

* I learnt this from a wise lady called Martha Beck.

How to avoid spending to much at Christmas

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