Gift Ideas for Kids at Christmas

Dear Santa

This letter is from a boy in Cork, can you answer his question please.



Dear PercyPostElf

Ha, ha. I remember that!

Please tell Michael that one year when his Mummy was a litle girl,  the elves decided to have some fun.  We made a special surprise present for her.

That little girl’s name was Val and we left just one fairly large parcel under the tree for her. Val was always a very curious little girl and as soon as she saw the present,  she wanted to know what Santa had left her. Val’s Mummy said she had to wait till everyone was ready to open presents, but when her mother wasn’t looking Val sneaked a peep to see if there weren’t any more presents in the pile for her.  No –   there was just this one mysterious rectangular box.

At last it was time to unwrap the presents. She opened the parcel to discover a  – red suitcase. That wasn’t what she wanted. She felt really disappointed but her mother smiled across the room at  her and said  ‘Open it!’

Val opened the suitcase and inside were  lots of little gifts. There was even a pretty china piggy bank, that she specially loved. It’s funny how all these years later, now she’s a grown up woman, that surprise package is still the one she especially  remembers.

Surprises don’t need to be big or expensive to be fun and special.

And another great thing about surprises is that we have fun planning them and it’s great to watch the surprise. If Parents are feeling despondent – try planning a surprise. You’ll give yourself a serotonin boost – the ‘feel good’ chemical! Gift Ideas for Kids at Christmas

Percy, please ask parents to write to me and tell me what special surprises they remember.

I’d love to  share their memories.  And maybe thinking about surprises would give them  a chance to think about how they could do something special this Christmas.



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