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How to be good parent? ‘Any area in your life that has inconsistent results is an area where you have not made a decision to be consistent in your actions.’ Parenting blog by Val Mullally

Last edited June 04th 2017

‘My relationship with my then-teenage son was as scratchy as wire-wool on sunburnt skin.’ Parenting Expert Val Mullally shares her AHA moment. How to create a happier home.

Last edited August 20th 2016

How to Have a Happy Child

As a Parent are you asking ‘How do I raise a happy child?’ Parenting expert Val Mullally found some unexpected answers when she attended a recent Smarter Egg meeting for entrepreneurs.

Last edited May 10th 2016

“Inside Out’ isn’t only a kids’ movie. It’s an opportunity for Parents to reflect on how to create family connection, particularly during times of transition. Helpful tips for coping with Family Stress and Conflict from Parenting Expert Val Mullally.

Last edited September 20th 2017

It’s hard to set limits with a strong willed child! Parenting expert Val Mullally shares insights into how we as parents can be the healing balm to create calmer, happier interactions.

Last edited March 03rd 2017

How to create a garden where your child will WANT to play? Parenting expert Val Mullally shares some interesting ideas she spotted at an Outdoor Pre-school near Kilkenny.

Last edited June 04th 2017

What’s a ‘child-friendly’ garden? Val Mullally shares that ‘child-friendly’ means a whole lot more than ‘child safe’ and gives 5 practical tips on how to create a child-friendly garden.

Last edited June 02nd 2018

How to help your young child deal with a transition or a loss when they are not yet old enough to fully understand? Parent Coach & author Val Mullally explains value of ‘Structured Doll Play’

Last edited August 26th 2015

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