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Escape the Christmas stress by developing the mindful habit of “wait a little”. When we take time to slow down it not only improves our well-being it can also make life more enjoyable for those who are with us. The fifth blog of this CHRISTMAS series by Val Mullally.

Last edited December 19th 2018

In this CHRISTMAS series R is for Relationship. What are the presuppositions in our society that are shaping our perception of the world? The deception that subconsciously influences our thinking, our interactions, and our way of being, individually and as society, is that independence is the goal of maturity.

Last edited December 17th 2018

Every parent remembers those sleepless nights with a sick child. When you are so tired all you want to do is sleep – but when your child isn’t well he NEEDS you! 

Here is a beautiful reflection

Last edited November 12th 2017

Today is World Mental Health Day. On this day last year I was going to work to see people who were struggling with mental illness. I had little personal insight into what it was actually like. Fast forward one year on. I have seen it from the other side. And it is harder and darker and more terrifying than I could ever have imagined.

Last edited November 12th 2017

Hope in the Darkness

Blog by Val Mullally the “H” stands for “Hope”. 
What a strange year. Global chaos, and for some the turmoil is much closer to home. Yet there are glimmers of hope – of what is possible when people pool their resources and respond with compassion. Stories of hope and courage, like the amazing international response to rescue a huddle of Thai boys, who would have been doomed to die, if people had not been inspired by hope.

Last edited March 18th 2020

Do you worry about what sort of world your children will have to survive in?
What sort of future will your child have? Aggressive behaviour is escalating worldwide. War is not an option. A call to action for parents. Let’s BE the difference that makes the difference.

Last edited January 10th 2020

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