Season’s Greetings

Thanks to the Koemba community – for all the interaction through the year. Wishing you a blessed Festive Season and an exciting New Year.

Last edited December 28th 2014

We’re delighted to be returning to Kilkenny to offer the 6 week Paretning Programme facilitated by Val Mullally and based on her forthcoming book: ‘BEHAVE! – What To Do When Your Child Won’t!’

Last edited October 04th 2014

‘Smother Love?’

We’re delighted to have Val Mullally quoted in article by Alex Mehan article in Sunday Business Post magazine (27 April 2014) re ‘Are we raising risk-averse children?’

Last edited April 29th 2014

‘I hate you!’

“I can’t believe she said that to me,” exclaimed Jane. “Her little face was bright red. And she was screaming ‘I hate you!’ ‘I hate you!’”

Mary smiled wryly. “I’ve had those outbursts too. .. ‘

Last edited September 17th 2013

When communities have been ransacked in the UK riots, it makes sense they want change. David Lammy, Tottenham Labour MP, ‘partly blames anti smacking law’. Val Mullally, CEO of Koemba and Parent Coach trainer, comments on the issue of smacking.

Last edited January 30th 2012

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