Christmas shopping on tight budget

Dear Santa

I feel so sad when I read letters like this. It’s hard when parents are broke at Christmas. Can we help?



Dear PercyPostElf

Of course we will help. And I do hope there are some kind families who will also think about making a Happy Christmas for children whose mummies and daddies are worried that Santa might not get there.

But most of all, I love to see how some parents make a merry Christmas even if they don’t have a lot of money.

One year I was climbing down the chimney when I got such a surprise myself. There was the whole family sleeping in a tent in the middle of the sitting room.  I asked my elves to speak to their cat  to discover what was happening.  It turned out that the parents didn’t have enough money to pay for the heating, so the father erected a tent in the sitting room and they all had a ‘camp-out’ snuggled in the tent for several nights.

You can think how bad that would be not to have heating at Christmas – but this dad turned it into a wonderful adventure for his children. Talk about a gift idea with a difference!

I love it when parents use their imaginations to turn a challenge into a celebration.  Even if the challenge is empty pockets, home made gifts can show a child they are loved. The elves are busy with crochet puppets, scarves and hats. Children love making gifts for family members, so everybody has a present under the tree. tight budget at Christmas

I look forward to hearing from you tomorow, Percy. I’m enjoying the letters from parents, thank you. Please encourage them to write in and share their stories.




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