Christmas is for Giving

Dear Santa

Isn’t it lovely when families have happy times together. What do Grandparents know that can help make this a  Happy  Christmas?



Dear Percy

Most grandparents know that it’s not money that makes Christmas happy. Many grandparents didn’t have lots of money in their homes – but that didn’t mean they didn’t have happy Christmases, because having a happy Christmas ISN”T ABOUT GETTING – it’s about GIVING. Imagine parents looking back in future years, and saying,

‘The financial challenges we faced were a gift to our family.’

Hard to imagine when you’re worrying about making ends meet, but perhaps it’s the opportunity for children to learn that Christmas is for Giving.

Children all love hearing about Santa – but do they know the story of the original  Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas? He wanted to share the love of Christmas so he took gifts to those most in need.

I notice families where teenagers go and help on a project like Habitat for Humanity.  They came home changed about the whole ‘getting presents’ thing. They start seeing that helping others gives a lot more happiness than getting for yourself. I’ve got a good idea for governments. When people don’t have work, why not give them the chance to go do voluntary work in a country where help is needed? Doing something for someone else doesn’t just help the other person – it opens our eyes and our hearts. We often see that people with a lot less stuff are often much happier. People can learn a lot from the people who they think are poor.

It’s great to see parents involving children in taking a home-made gift to an elderly neighbour, clearing the snow off someone’s path or sharing Christmas lunch with someone who would have been alone. When children see eyes light up, they’ll get that warm inner feeling of knowing they made a difference to someone’s life.

Please encourage parents to write in and share how they have been involving children in charity projects.  I love to hear go how Christmas has been a time for giving for  families.

Christmas is for Giving



P.S. Not all family times are happy times. Later this week I’ll talk about what to do when there’s family conflict.

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