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Val Mullally

Val Mullally MA, The Parenting Expert and  author. Val is an Accredited Coach and is passionate about empowering people to create happier, healthier, more meaningful  relationships. In particular, she supports parents and professionals to create environments for children to thrive, through stimulating workshops, transformative training programmes and through one-to-one, couples and group coaching.

Val’s parenting book  BEHAVE – What To Do When Your Child Won’t  was published in 2015. Her new Parenting book, ‘Baby + Toddler on Board’ is due to launch in spring 2017. She is also author of ‘Parenting Positively – Parenting Skills’ published by Family Support Agency and Barnardos.


Connect with Val:  e-mail: or tel: 00353 – (0)877609355

on Twitter: @ValMullally and on Facebook

Val’s current work includes:

- Relationship Coaching (one-to-one or couple coaching) –  discover how to develop more harmonious relationships

Parent Coaching supporting you, on a one-to one, couples or group situation  - when you are concerned about children’s behaviour, with key insights and  practical tools to help your children thrive

- Personal Development Coaching – supporting you to bring effective change to create the joy, meaning and purpose you desire in your life

- Parenting Courses

Course A: ‘BEHAVE!’ based on Val’s new book ’Behave – What To Do When Your Child Won’t’

Course B: ‘LISTEN!’  based on Val’s forthcoming book ’Listen – What To Do When Your Child Won’t’

Each is a six week interactive course (totalling 12 hours) particularly suitable for parents of children aged 3 – 12 years old.

Val has also launched an online parenting course.

Comments from parents who have trained with Val Mullally:

‘I am a big advocate of Koemba and regularly tell my friends and colleagues of the benefits.‘                                                    Olivia Cuddihy, mother of three, Kilkenny

‘Has impacted my family as I’m calmer, more patient. Also given me great ideas and tools for connecting with my daughter.’ Carolyn Diez Daly, Mother of one, Dublin


- Tailor-made Keynotes, Workshops and Seminars for parents and professionals who work with children or parents  – Topics include:

✓  Managing Anger in the Home

✓  Supporting Children’s Emotional Well-being

✓  Mindful Parenting

✓ Children’s Challenging Behaviour

✓ How to Build Children’s Self Esteem

✓ When Children Bully

Val is your person if you are planning an event and looking for an international  keynote speaker or workshop facilitator who is a leading voice on Parenting issues:

✓ Connects with the audience

✓ Creates a safe and enjoyable learning environment

✓ Gives the audience clear insights

✓ Includes key theory and helpful practical tools

✓ Motivates and inspires

Connect with Val:  e-mail: or tel: 00353 – (0)877609355

on Twitter: @ValMullally and on Facebook

Coaching Approach to Parenting

As a trainer in a Coaching Approach to Parenting, Val works with professionals including: counsellors, psychotherapists, mediators play therapists, midwives, educators, social workers, and health visitors, as well as parents, to create more enjoyable and fulfilling family life. She is a leading voice on this innovative approach for supporting parents in Parenting, utilising practical parent coaching tools with key insights from child development, relationship theory, emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

Val has appeared on national television, radio and the internet to discuss the Koemba approach and provide her unique blend of coaching, relationships skills and parenting wisdom to inspire parents to create the sustainable change they desire within their families. She has appeared as a motivational speaker at national and international conferences. She is a published author and has a series of audio resources on Parenting.

Val Mullally holds a Masters in Holistic Development, conferred by Dublin City University, and she is also trained in Imago Relationship Theory. She is accredited as a Coach with the Association of Coaching and her areas of expertise in this field includes Life, Parent, Relationship and Emotional Resilience Coaching. She is also an experienced Early Educator and is a trained Síolta facilitator. She is the founder and CEO of Koemba.

Previous client feedback confirms that Val connects with the audience, creates a safe and enjoyable learning environment, gives the audience clear insights, applies parenting theory and teaches practical tools to create environments for children to thrive

Organisations Val has worked for include:

Barnardos Ireland, La Leche League Ireland, Cuidiú, Castleknock Community College,  Wesley College – Dublin, Edgehill Theological College,  Home School Liaison Community Coordinators, HSE – Family Development Nurses, Wicklow County Childcare, Douglas Community School, Fermoy Family Co-ordinating Group, Focus Ireland, Cork University Maternity Hospital