“Baby and Toddler On Board” – book

Second child in the family?  Wondering how to support your toddler? Here’s help in the heart-warming parenting book by author Val Mullally, that you’ll love to read.

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“Baby and Toddler On Board – Mindful Parenting when a New Baby Joins the Family”

“This is a warm, caring parenting book, one you will hug to yourself as you read!”  

Jill Holtz, co-founder MyKidsTime

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In this warm-hearted and inspiring book, you’ll discover how to support your toddler when your second child is born. This is a practical guide to parenting mindfulness and finding peace in the frantic world of babyhood and toddler-dom. It gives insights into what is needed for calm parenting, amidst a sea of nappies, feeds, tears, toys, cuddles and laughter.

In this story, you’ll share the escapades of toddler Liam and his family as they prepare for and adjust to the new addition to the family. In this light-hearted and insightful book, parenting author Val Mullally reflects upon the questions that are on the heart of every parent having a second baby:

* How do I prepare my toddler for a new sibling

* How to meet the challenges of parenting a toddler as well as a baby

* How to create win-win solutions when relationships get stressed

* What children need to truly thrive

* How to still be a person myself!

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Baby and Toddler On Board - A warm caring parenting book


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