Welcome back after our little update! As you may have seen we have made some improvements on our website:

My Koemba

In an effort to make it easier for our members to login and manage their content with us, we are introducing “My Koemba”,  always find on the top right hand corner of our website. Once logged in, you can find all your content along with your profile details under this menu. Feel free to send us your thoughts and experiences so we can further improve this.

Online Signup

We will now start accepting signups for Koemba courses. You will find all available courses on the page “Courses” under “Learn”. Please note that some courses are only available for Koemba Students. Please make sure you are logged in for signing up.


Our comments have got a major facelift along with some new features. You can now subscribe to any open discussion with your email address. We now also allow s.k. nested comments, allowing you to reply to any comment not just add a new one.

Problems or Comments?

If you experience any issues on the Koemba website please contact our Koemba Support.