Parenting expert, Val Mullally ON AIR 13:50 pm today (18 April) with Deirdre Walsh on Talkabout, Radio Kerry, 96-98FM. She’ll be responding to parenting concerns, about how to respond to teen’s challenging behaviour.  

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This evening (12 November) Val Mullally is the keynote speaker at Douglas Community School, sharing some helpful insights and practical tools re how  parents can support their teens’ emotional well-being.

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Here’s a summary of  today’s tweets on this topic:

* Some children experience love particularly through Physical Touch.

* How do you know if Physical Touch is your child’s primary love language?  You’ll know by the hugs, kisses & other body contact.

* It’s easy to receive children’s physical demonstrations of  love but they need us to GIVE it as well.

* Perhaps ur saying ‘But I’m not the huggy sort’ If Physical Touch is ur child’s primary love language s/he NEEDS ur hugs and kisses

* We all need loving body contact. Don’t forget to give appropriate loving touch to the elderly.

* Children who are secure in their love from their parents are very unlikely to go looking for love in the wrong places.

* Teens also need Physical Touch from parents – but when / how they are comfortable. Maybe just the loving touch on the shoulder as u pass by

* Any form of disrespectful touch eg angry tug or smack, can be soul wounding for the child whose love language is Physical Touch

* Have you hugged your child today?  : )

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