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Today’s Irish Independent (1 June 2016) ‘Mothers and Babies’ supplement article p. 11 Parenting coach Val Mullally talks to Andrea Mara about the methods that do and don’t work.’

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‘BEHAVE – What To Do When Your chid Won’t’ Parenting Workshop facilitated by Val Mullally and hosted by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Childcare. 10am – 12:30 Saturday 14 November.

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Do you have one of those ‘school angel – house devil’ children driving you mad? Val Mullally chats about, ‘What we mean by ‘good’ and is that really helpful?’

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‘My child’s become so unreasonable. He used to be placid and easy going. Now he explodes for no reason.’ Perhaps you are like this parent, trying to figure out …

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‘You’ve just had a melt-down!’ In this article my colleague Patricia Martin Ph.D. discusses strategies for recentering yourself after you’ve disintegrated into a screaming match with your tantruming child.

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Power struggles or challenging behaviour with your youngster? Guest blogger Marie Reilly shares how she developed a mindful approach to parenting to create effective discipline.

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When communities have been ransacked in the UK riots, it makes sense they want change. David Lammy, Tottenham Labour MP, ‘partly blames anti smacking law’. Val Mullally, CEO of Koemba and Parent Coach trainer, comments on the issue of smacking.

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An Option to Meltdown

Parenting expert Val Mullally shares the unique ‘Koemba – Connect’ model – how to listen so children will be able to process their emotions.

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When Emotions Get Heated

When Emotions Get Heated
‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ (Albert Einstein)
We may be stuck in repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour in our Parenting. Here’s how to make a significant shift when emotions get heated.

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