Teenagers and Attachment: Helping Adolescents Engage with Life and Learning
From the Koemba Book Club:

Teenagers and Attachment: Helping Adolescents Engage with Life and Learning

When children from insecure backgrounds become adolescents, the challenges they experience themselves and present for those around them can get a lot harder to sort out, before the teenager can fully integrate into society. These adolescents can quickly acquire ‘bad kid’ or ‘anti-social’ labels. They may form attachments by joining gangs, but in doing so, further alienate themselves from other more constructive options on offer.The contributors to this much needed book have all worked successfully on the front line with teenagers whose ability to make healthy relationships, or to find learning exciting or even possible, has been severely compromised by their past experiences of trauma, neglect and abuse. Each expert practitioner offers practical strategies, underpinned by attachment theory and their own extensive experience, to enable teachers, psychologists, therapists and social workers to reach out to young people in new ways, establishing genuine connection and real possibilities for learning and hope. Contents include: Attachment and adolescence-the key issues – Karl Heinz Brisch. Helping adolescents navigate transitions – Louise Bomber. Using an attachment approach in the classroom – Marie Delaney. Building authentic attachment relationships – Barbara Earl. Principles of attachment and intersubjectivity – Daniel A Hughes. Supporting adolescent refugees – Sue Amey. Reaching teenage gang members – Camila Batmanghelidjh. Helping adolescents make the transition to university – Ann Heyno.


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