Keeping the Love You Find: A Single Persons Guide to Achieving Lasting Love
From the Koemba Book Club:

Keeping the Love You Find: A Single Persons Guide to Achieving Lasting Love

Your dream of finding a partner is a natural and normal human instinct and your dream is perfectly achievable. Whatever your history, whatever your heartbreak, as a single person you are in an ideal position to learn what you need to know and what you can do to greatly improve your chances for finding, and keeping, love. With KEEPING THE LOVE YOU FIND, renowned relationship therapist and bestselling author Harville Hendrix will help you to: mid    IDENTIFY your Imago – the fantasy partner that your unconscious mind, which has a hidden agenda of its own, has chosen for you mid    BREAK FREE from those patterns in your parents’ marriage that you have unknowingly accepted as your relationship model mid    CREATE hope in place of despair, companionship instead of loneliness mid    DEVELOP communication skills to turn conflict into contact – and togetherness mid    TRANSFORM every past relationship into a source of positive growth mid    DISCOVER the rewards of real love – and the little things that make it last …and more. Filled with wisdom and compassion, KEEPING THE LOVE YOU FIND will help get your next relationship off to the best start and keep your love strong for a lifetime.


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