Indigo Ocean Dreams
From the Koemba Book Club:

Indigo Ocean Dreams

The professional quality of the recording is evident and I like the background noises that help to create the scene and support the child to  focus on breathing. The second track re affirmations introduces a number of creatures that might not be familiar to children living away from the sea and therefore I’d recommend to also buy the beautifully illustrated story book  ‘Affirmation Weaver’ as a visual support.  (Fabulous books to support the other visualisatons are also available).

I particularly enjoyed the ‘Angry Octopus’ and think that many children (and adults!) would benefit from this.  These relaxation activities can have a calming effect and strengthen the child’s ability to cope with stressful conditions, which is likely to leading to better emotional balance, improved thinking, attention and immune system. Like buying fresh fruit, this audio is something that’s enjoyable and healthful for our children!




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