Press Release: ‘Behave – What To Do When Your Child Won’t’

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PRESS RELEASE  (Immediate)

Parenting Book

‘BEHAVE’ – What To Do When Your Child Won’t

– the Three Pointers to Mindful Discipline ’ by Val Mullally

Positive Parenting Solutions that every caring parent needs to know to create a calmer, happier family.

CORK CITY, Cork, October 2015

Whether you are a new or experienced parent, whether you’re parenting toddlers, pre-teens or in between, a Mindful Approach to Parenting can create a calmer, happier home, proposes Parent Coach and author Val Mullally. She suggests that, whilst there are Parenting Experts who have written significant work on the topic of Mindful Parenting, for the busy parent this concept can feel like climbing Mount Everest  – an awesome idea but so challenging you wouldn’t even start. But Mullally proposes that Mindful Parenting is not only do-able but can have significant impact on your own health, the emotional well-being of your child and of the family as a whole.  Her new Parenting book could be described as ‘Mindful Parenting Made Easy’. This simple, yet profound, book introduces the three signposts that every caring parent would love to know, to create more harmony in the home. Mullally reveals key insights and practical parenting tips and, at the same time, shares light-hearted anecdotes of the ups and downs of family life with parent Trish, who discovers a Mindful Approach to Parenting.

KEY QUOTE: ‘All behaviour makes sense.’ Val Mullally

BOOK TITLE:  BEHAVE – What To Do When Your Child Won’t – the Three Pointers to Mindful Discipline

(Koemba Publications, 2015, ISBN:  9780957176515, htpp:// )

Book trailer:

Here’s what you can expect to learn from reading this book:


✓  three signposts to give you direction when you need to handle your child’s challenging behaviour

✓   why punishment doesn’t work; why discipline does

✓  insightful information about what’s happening inside our brains (and our children’s) when we’re stressed

✓  how to respond (rather than react) to create calm

✓  practical parenting tools to create better connection, communication and cooperation for a happier home.


Val Mullally is a Parenting Expert, an accredited Relationship Coach, international Keynote Speaker and founder of Koemba Parenting, offering Parental Guidance through her blog and online Parenting Courses.

Val supports parents to create happier homes with key insights and parenting skills to help families to:

think more clearly

connect more compassionately

behave more response-ably

and live more joyfully

Val wishes she’d known what she knows now, when her kids were young, and has three grandchildren who continue to fine-tune her understanding of Mindful Parenting made easy.

Connect with Val on twitter: @valmullally



Parenting Tips

Parenting is the most important job we’ll ever do, but, despite our best intentions, very few of us have the insight and skills, we need to create the optimum environments for our children to emotionally thrive. Here are a few tips from Val’s new book on how to tune in to your child (and to yourself) when your child’s challenging behaviour is threatening to overwhelm.

1.  ‘Mind the Gap.’

In any situation we have a split second to determine whether this is an emergency, (where we need to instantly react to ensure safety) or whether to pause and assess what’s needed. Except for emergency situations, it’s more helpful to pause (to ‘mind the gap’) and then choose to respond in a way that will give your child the message, ‘I’m here for you’, because a more mindful response will build the connection and communication between you and your child that are needed to create a happier home.

2. Focus on your breathing.

When you want to respond, but can feel your own anger or anxiety is likely to overwhelm, take a moment to focus on slowing and steadying your breathing. When our own strong emotions get in the way it becomes impossible to figure out what’s needed to create calm. When you steady your breathing you steady your thoughts.


3. Remember to ‘HALT’.

When you need to deal with your child’s challenging behaviour, first stop and use the ‘HALT signpost‘ to ask yourself, ‘Is my child Hungry? / Anxious or Angry? / Lonely or iLL? /  Tired?’ When you respond to your child’s needs often the challenging behaviour will dissipate.  Ask yourself, ‘What’s really needed here?’

4. Remember, ‘All behaviour makes sense.’

Often our children’s challenging behaviour can be frustrating or worrying for us as parents. Remember your child is not trying to ‘get at you’. She is just trying to let you know she’s in a ‘not-okay’ place. She‘s acting out because she needs your support. Ask yourself,  ‘What might this behaviour be telling me?’

5. ‘Be like Teflon not like Velcro.

It’s easy to ‘hook into’ your child’s challenging behaviour, but when you allow your child’s upset to turn into a power struggle you only set yourself up for more of the same. Choose to be present to your child’s needs  (for food, for security, for connection) without ‘hooking in’ to the emotion of the situation you’re facing.

6. Get to know the key secrets that neuroscientists have discovered about how the child’s brain works, and what this means for us as parents.

Just as a mechanic needs to know how the engine under the bonnet works, to keep it running smoothly, we as parents need to have a basic understanding of how the human brain works, and how the child’s brain develops, so that we will be able to create environments for our children to thrive.


Visit for a sample chapter from her new Parenting book, BEHAVE – What To Do When Your Child Won’t’.


About the Author

Parenting Expert Val Mullally MA is founder of Koemba Parenting, an international Keynote Speaker, an accredited Relationship Coach with the Association for Coaching,  and author of ‘Parenting Positively: Parenting Skills’ (published by Barnardos & Family Support Agency, 2007).

She is also a Relationship Theory Educator and is one of the international team who developed the Imago ‘Connected Parents, Thriving Kids’ Parenting Program.

Val has created the Koemba Parenting courses, which are presented in person and also online.

Val’s background is in Education. She worked for many years in Southern Africa and is an experienced school principal, teacher and trainer in Early Education. She now lives in Cork, Ireland, with her husband, border collie and African Gray parrot.

Val writes a Parenting blog and contributes to radio, press, and television, speaking about Parenting issues. Val believes that when children thrive, families thrive and when families thrive, societies thrive.

Connect with Val on Twitter: @ValMullally


Telephone:  00353 (0) 877609355



About the Book

BOOK TITLE:  BEHAVE – What To Do When Your Child Won’t  

PUBLISHED BY: Koemba 2015

ISBN:  9780957176515

Paperback €14.99 plus postage.

Available on and on Amazon worldwide, including and  (Also on Kindle).

Hashtag: #BEHAVEbook

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