Brenda Lacey

Loving the “Stop Yelling” course – unlike any other parenting course I have done. Deeper – more reflective and recognises the individual difference and need for unique solutions for each.

Last edited June 05th 2019

Emma Blake

“Stop the Yelling” is an easy to follow course, with simple tools before you head down the yelling spiral. Val also understands that kids push your buttons and gives great ways to prevent this from building up. I highly recommend this parenting course for Mums and Dads.

Last edited June 05th 2019

Now our unique Parenting Programme will be available Online.  You can discover the Coaching Approach to Parenting from your own home in your own time.  Launching in next few days.  Contact for details. Parenting solutions for a calmer, happier home.

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Are you:

✔  Wanting to find answers re your child’s challenging behaviour?

✔  Wanting to discover how to create more calm in your home?

✔ Needing tips on how to discipline your child?


Discipline Tips - Online Parenting Course


We’ve created the Parenting Solution you’ve been waiting for – now you can join the Koemba Parenting Course that you can do in your home in your time – when and where it suits you! The course that is complementary to Val Mullally’s  book: ‘BEHAVE – What To Do When Your Child Won’t’

Here’s your opportunity to join our online parenting programme. Start anytime – and return to the material as often as you wish!

Discover more about the ‘Key Tips on How to Discipline Your Child’ Online Parenting Course that can guide you to creating a  calmer, happier home.


What people are saying about the course:

Val’s course is so simple but so effective. I literally started acting differently towards my children immediately. It really made me look at them in a different light – as little beings who are a reflection of how I am feeling in myself. When I changed my own thinking and behaviour, they changed in front of my eyes. I really liked how Val helped me to see that I need to take care if myself so that I can take care of my children better – to put on my own oxygen mask before putting on theirs. I would highly recommend this course. You will gain so much from it, it’s simple to use and follow and you can do the course at home when the kids are in bed.

Maeve Murray, Co. Cork.

Last edited April 28th 2020