Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching - for more fulfilling family life

Most of us have children because we want a home of laughter, fun and caring.

Do you feel family life hasn’t turned out to be the happy experience you imagined? Are you looking for Parenting Solutions?

Are you sometimes losing the cool with your kids?
Is your life so busy that your family isn’t connecting like you’d love to?
Does it feel as though the kids are in the driving seat and family life is out of control?

Are you concerned because your child is anxious or unhappy?

Or maybe home life is good and you just want a calm space to reflect on, ‘How do I be the parent I really want to be?’

With Parent Coach Val Mullally you will discover how to:

 communicate more effectively with your child

  respond rather than react to challenging behaviour (such as tantrums, answering back, homework issues, shy or withdrawn behaviour)

  help your child deal with the issues worrying him (fitting in at school, bullying, making friends)

  understand what’s going on for your child

✓  have a good relationship and have fun with your child

  create more joy, relaxation and connection in your family life

Val Mullally - Parent Coach
Val Mullally – Parent Coach

How does Parent Coaching work?

In a typical session there will be space for you to share your story – what’s concerning you in your family life? If you’ve never worked with a coach before you will be surprised how having someone who deeply listens to you clears your head, so you can start finding the solutions that work for you and your family.

You might also notice Val uses ‘incisive questions’ – questions that cleanly and clearly help you to figure out what’s going on for you and for your child.

Val will introduce you to key tools from her Koemba ‘Coaching Parent toolbox’ so you are better equipped to handle the practical parenting issues that arise for you, so you can get yourself back on track to being the parent you want to be.

What are the practical details?

Contact Val to book your parent coaching Online Session

– or to attend in person (North East England)

Call 00353 – (0)877609355

or 0044 (0) 7480396678.   Or send an email to

Parent Coaching focuses on you, the parent  – no need for children to be with you.

Whilst even one session can give you key insights on how to create a calmer, happier family, I recommend 4 – 6 sessions, to give you the tools and ongoing support to make the change that lasts.

Each session 1 hour

Group coaching (by arrangement)

Val also offers Personal Development Coaching and Relationship Coaching.

Val also offers tailor-made workshops to groups on invitation and offers Koemba Parenting Courses and writes a regular Parenting Blog.  You’ll also find Parental Guidance in Val’s Parenting books:

BEHAVE – What To Do When Your Child Won’t

Stop Yelling – 9 Steps to Calmer Happier Parenting

Baby and Toddler on Board – Mindful Parenting When a New Baby Joins the Family  


How to find out more about Parent Coaching?

Call 00353 – (0)877609355  or 0044 (0) 7480396678. Or send an email to so you can discover how coaching can support you to create the relationships you desire.

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