Creating Envionments for Every Child to Thrive

Supporting Parents and Professionals

Most of us have children because we want a home of laughter, fun and caring.

Val Mullally's work and her philosophy never fail to get me back on track again. (Recommendation by Maeve Murray)



If you work as a Parent Coach or a School Leader, you will know that, for many parents, family life hasn’t turned out to be the happy experience they had  imagined

You may have heard them express that sometimes:

– they lose the cool with their kids

– it feel as though the kids are in the driving seat and family life is out of control

– they are concerned about their  child’s well-being

And for some parents,  home life is good and they just want a calm space to reflect on, ‘How do I be the parent I really want to be?’


My resources can help you to help parents to:

 communicate more effectively with their child

  respond rather than react to challenging behaviour (such as tantrums, answering back, homework issues, shy or withdrawn behaviour)

  support their child to deal with the issues worrying them (fitting in at school, bullying, making friends)

  understand what’s going on for their child

✓  have a healthy relationship with their child

  create more joy, relaxation and connection in family life

Training and Reflective Practice

As a keynote speaker / trainer, my focus is on supporting parents, teachers, SNAs and educarers to create psychologically safe spaces for children to thrive.

If you are a Parent Coach or a School Leader, I facilitate Reflective Practice (aka SuperVision) – giving you a safe, creative space to pause, to think more clearly, and activate your inner wisdom, so that you are better equipped to be there for your team /  the parents and children you support.

To find out more about working with Val

To find out more re Training / Keynotes /  1:1 or Creative Group SuperVision

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Why invest in working with Val? 

I wish I had the knowledge I have now when my children were young. I know it would have saved us so much angst, saves us so many tears and upsets, and we would have all gained so much more fun and enjoyment in our relationships. And an early intervention would have made the future teenage years so much easier too.

When you choose to work with me, you will be making an investment into the lives of the next generation.

What others say about Val Mullally's Parenting work:

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