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Is your child anxious or unhappy about going to school or creche? ‘How do I know if my child is being treated okay?’ Parent Coach Val Mullally shares HOW to listen.

Last edited September 21st 2019

There’s so much pressure upon Parents to ‘do it right’ – to be ‘good’ parents. But who decides what ‘good’ is? And is that what your family needs? Discover more in this article by Val Mullally.

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Do you have one of those ‘school angel – house devil’ children driving you mad? Val Mullally chats about, ‘What we mean by ‘good’ and is that really helpful?’

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I think we learnt a lot of skills and patience driving those old iron steeds but now it’s great to be able to jump in my car, turn the key in the ignition and expect smooth-running travel to my destination.

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We need your help!

We need your help! The Koemba team is doing some research about what parents most need. If you would please take a real quick moment to answer this question …

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‘My child’s become so unreasonable. He used to be placid and easy going. Now he explodes for no reason.’ Perhaps you are like this parent, trying to figure out …

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