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How much is too much?

But Is our hard earned cash being well spent?

What’s going to really build more happiness in our homes?

One year I remember there being only one gift  for me under the tree.  One fairly large box – what could it be? When the moment of paper-ripping arrived I dicovered – a red suitcase!

We had a holiday coming up – but a suitcase!

‘Open it,’ my mother urged.

Lifting the lid I discovered a trove of small surprises.  The unexpected , the interesting can be more fun than the ‘must-have- of the-year.’

We want our children to have what we never had.

But what about thinking about what we want them to have that we did have?

Fun? Time together? Sharing? Caring?

Family or community ritual  and occasions that remind us what the season is really about?

Walks or activities together outdoors?

It’s more important to give our children experiences than things.

So this festive season,  let’s ask,  ‘How do we create the memories we’ll savour?’

When Emotions Get Heated

Imagine being a fly on the wall observing your own parenting.

You might figure:

‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ (Albert Einstein)

You recognise that there are repeating patterns of behaviour in your family, that aren’t helpful.

You want to choose a different way  – to respond rather than react.

You know you’re the only one you can actually change.

So, the next time you have an upset with your … (Click here for full article)

I would fully recommend this course. This course is a journey of self-awareness, non-judgement, learning new skills, life skills, hope and positive affirmation.

I am calmer, more aware, reflect more, more nonjudgmental. My three children have benefitted greatly. To quote one of my children – ‘Mum, you are different since you did this course. You listen more and you seem to understand more.’

This course has made me view my parenting differently and increased my awareness greatly, it has improved my connection with my kids.

This course has nourished and supported me, first as a mother, and  helped me understand how to deal with emotional upsets – and most importantly how to enjoy being a parent … happy mother, happy children …

I found it invaluable in my own parenting. My relationship with my children has deepened over the last few months and I can´t thank you enough for all your help and knowledge.

Training as a Parent Coach has given me the skills and confidence to truly work with parents in partnership.

An excellent course. Very well presented. The learning and content within the course is fascinating.