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  1. Your chance to discover Koemba Parenting from your own home. We're about to launch our Online Parenting Course.

    Start Date: Price: €
    Venues: No venue selected yet.

  2. Cork - exciting 6 week Parenting course starts Thurs evenings 26 Feb 2015. Discover Key Insights and Parenting Skills re Connection and Communication for a calmer, happier family.

    Start Date: February 26thPrice: € 155
    Venues: Ardfallen Centre - Cork (18 seats left)

  3. Kilkenny - exciting 6 week Parenting Course - starts Tues evenings 24 Feb 2015. Discover key insights and Parenting skills re connection and communication for a calmer, happier family

    Start Date: February 24thPrice: € 155
    Venues: St Patrick's Parish Centre - Kilkenny

  4. Workshop (Kilkenny) with Parenting Expert Val Mullally. Wed Dec 3. 7: 30pm Christmas presents for children? What is in my budget that is going to give my child joy and will be of value?

    Start Date: December 3rdPrice: € 20
    Venues: St Patrick's Parish Centre - Kilkenny

  5. Parenting Course in Kilkenny - discover Parenting Solutions to build stronger connection, communication and cooperative behaviour in your family. Koemba 6 week programme starts 7 Oct 2014.

    Start Date: October 7thPrice: € 145
    Venues: St Patrick's Parish Centre - Kilkenny

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 Koemba Forum

  1. How to help your young child deal with a transition or a loss when they are not yet old enough to fully understand? Parent Coach & author Val Mullally explains value of 'Structured Doll Play'

  2. New Year's slimming resolutions going well! What might be the mega-factor in keeping the weight off? Try this solution!

  3. By popular demand, we're rerunning our 'Twelve Days of Christmas' - Parenting tips by Santa for stressed Parents.

  4. Do you have a sensitive child who's terrified by Halloween? What are your concerns about Halloween? What to do when your child is afraid?

  5. Wanting to know how to get your child to help in the home? Tired of nagging about chores? Here's 3 Essential Keys to creating a tidy home that's also a happy home.

  6. 'I hate my new mirror that makes me look fat. But I've realised my other mirror that makes me look skinny also isn't helpful.' Val Mullally discusses what this has to do with our children's behaviour

  7. Are Grandparent making our kids fat? Parent Coach and author Val Mullally discusses how to turn a challenging conversation with the grandparents into a helpful opportunity.

  8. What can we learn about how NOT to manage anger from the recent outburst on the Late Late Show, concerning the Eurovision contest?

  9. Val Mullally shares a personal glimpse of what made Nelson Mandela such a remarkable leader.

  10. “I can’t believe she said that to me,” exclaimed Jane. “Her little face was bright red. And she was screaming ‘I hate you!’ ‘I hate you!’” Mary smiled wryly. “I’ve had those …

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 Koemba Book Club

  1. View Book'Put on your own oxygen mask before you help your children.' Those words make sense on the aeroplane and they also make sense to us as parents in our day to day living. Kristin Neff's book, backed by significant research, helps us to see why self …

    Author(s): Kristin Neff

  2. View BookAlfie Kohn has a light-hearted easy to read approach and at the same time he challenges many of our well-intended ideas about praising children. This book will make you sit up and think about what children really need to thrive.

    Author(s): Alfie Kohn

  3. View BookParent Coaching is the new buzz word. Here's your chance to gain an insight into how this innovative approach can make a huge difference in your Parenting.

    Author(s): Naomi Richards

  4. View BookThis book is a great accompaniment to the Indigo Ocean Relaxation CD for children.

    Author(s): Lori Lite

  5. View BookThis book is a great accompaniment to the Indigo Ocean Relaxation CD for children.

    Author(s): Lori Lite

  6. View BookThis exquisitebook is a great accompaniment to the Indigo Ocean Relaxation CD for children.

    Author(s): Lori Lite

  7. View BookThese relaxation audios for children are presented in a story style that is appealing to children as the strong story element engages their imagination and gently teaches them skills to focus on breathing and to quiet the mind.

    Author(s): Lori Lite

  8. View BookNancy Kline hasn't written this as a Parenting book - but it's probably one of the most powerful books that any parent (or professional working with parents and children) could ever read.

    Author(s): Nancy Kline

  9. View BookThis is one to buy TODAY - it can potentially transform your parenting and also give new insights to those who are already familiar with Siegel's work. This new book, as he teams up with Tina Payne Bryson, is a much easier read than many of Siegel's …

    Author(s): Daniel J Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson

  10. View BookEldridge maintains that boys need a battle to fight, an adventure to go on, & a beauty to win. A thought provoking read.

    Author(s): John Eldredge

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 Customer Feedback

  1. I would fully recommend this course. This course is a journey of self-awareness, non-judgement, learning new skills, life skills, hope and positive affirmation.

    I am calmer, more aware, reflect more, more nonjudgmental. My three children have benefitted greatly. To quote one of my children - 'Mum, you are different since you did this course. You listen more and you seem to understand more.'


  2. This course has made me view my parenting differently and increased my awareness greatly, it has improved my connection with my kids.


  3. This course has nourished and supported me, first as a mother, and  helped me understand how to deal with emotional upsets - and most importantly how to enjoy being a parent ... happy mother, happy children ...

    mother of two

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 Latest from the Store

  1. Helping Children Cope in the Real World product imageDo you sometimes feel concerned whether your children will turn out okay or wonder if they can hold their own in social settings? Click to read more...

    Price: € 4.99 Downloadable MP3€ 12.00 CD

  2. Meeting Your Childs Deepest Emotional Needs product imageDo you sometimes feel frustrated that your child always seems to be demanding more?

    Price: € 4.99 Downloadable MP3€ 12.00 CD

  3. Managing Anger in the Home product imageDo you sometimes have angry children to deal with or just wish you knew how to handle stressful situation?

    Price: € 4.99 Downloadable MP3€ 12.00 CD

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 Latest News

  1. Now our unique Parenting Programme will be available Online. Contact val@koemba.com for details. Parenting solutions for a calmer, happier home.

  2. Parenting course in Cork now commencing! A six week course to discover essential Connection and Communication skills to create calmer, happier family life.

  3. Thanks to the Koemba community - for all the interaction through the year. Wishing you a blessed Festive Season and an exciting New Year.

  4. It's timely with news re the worryingly high level of Domestic Violence that Santa has written two letters to Parents: 'When Sad / Bad Things Happen at Christmas' and 'When Grown Ups Fight'

  5. No excerpt found for this item

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